Tips Choosing a Minnesota DUI Attorney

Any Minnesotan knows that a DUI charge can wreak havoc on your finances and lifestyle, and leave you with a permanent criminal record if convicted. What most people don’t know is that the right Minnesota DUI attorney can help you resolve a DUI case much more favorably, and get you the justice which you deserve. When you have been arrested for drunk driving, the public defender appointed to represent you is often overworked with other cases, and will not have time to look into the details of your situation. No matter where you are from in Minnesota, DUI representation from a public attorney will usually result in he or she recommending that you take a plea deal offered by the state, even if you were wrongly accused. The right Minnesota DWI lawyer, however, will consult with you at every stage in the case, and can obtain a better deal or trial outcome for you due to the sheer amount of time and effort he or she can invest on your behalf.

Minnesota is renowned for its strict drunk driving penalties, including giving you a very limited time to retain your driver’s license following an arrest, which is why contacting a Minnesota DUI attorney immediately after an arrest is so important. In the state of Minnesota, a first time DUI conviction can result in extreme penalties such as up to 90 days in jail, drunk driving panels or classes, losing your license for 6 to 12 months, and fees of up to $1,500. However, due to certain circumstances, the legal system may try to portray your case as a gross misdemeanor, which is punishable by fines of up to $3,000 and up to a year of jail time.

With so many Minnesota DUI attorneys advertised, you may be confused as to how to pick the best one for your case. Here are a few guidelines when choosing a Minnesota DUI lawyer to represent you:

• Make sure your Minnesota DUI attorney has at least 5 years of experience practicing locally. Local Minnesota DUI attorneys will have a better rapport with the DA and judge.
• Make sure your DUI lawyer in Minnesota specializes in DUI cases and is familiar with state precedents and scientific evidence; for example, how often breathalyzers make errors.
• Make sure your Minnesota DUI attorney is licensed by the state bar association and is in good standing.